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Secret Garden Extracts is now offering some of the best, fastest-acting THC liquid capsules on the market with pure THC distillate and MCT oil.

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Secret Garden Extracts is now offering some of the best, fastest-acting THC liquid capsules on the market with pure THC distillate and MCT oil, which is a form of coconut oil common among pill form cannabis products. THC pills allow users to enjoy the pure effects of the cannabis plant in controlled doses unlike many cannabis products. We recommend starting with 1 THC capsule of your choosing, waiting for at least 20 minutes to allow the effects to set in, and moving up from there. These cannabis capsules contain high quality MCT oil and are packaged in Kosher Capsules. Our THC pills come in packages of 30.

THC Capsules are a great option for those who suffer from respiratory problems while smoking cannabis, and prefer the experience of taking THC in pill form or softgels. Although the cannabis plant acts as a great source of various medical benefits, smoking cannabis can be dangerous for those who have serious respiratory problems, which is why licensed producers recommend consuming medical marijuana in pill form whether you require THC or CBD capsules.

THC and CBD capsules are not only favourable to those who are suited to smoking cannabis, but these portioned cannabis products are great for keeping track of the effects of various dosages. While vaping or smoking cannabis it is difficult to measure the amount of cannabinoids going into your system. Many people are hesitant to try THC or CBD capsules because of their effects on the digestive system, however our capsules contain nothing but pure, natural THC and MCT oil which is not at all hard on the digestive system, and our 10 MG THC capsules are incredibly fast-acting, unlike many edibles.

While the aromatic terpenes that are released from strains while vaping or smoking cannabis can be appealing to some, odourless cannabis capsules may be ideal for others. Whether you are using medical cannabis and prefer to be discreet, or you simply do not enjoy the smell of marijuana, THC capsules are a great way to conceal the smell of kush.

The main reason why softgel cannabis oil is gaining popularity in dispensaries, is because of the many medical cannabis benefits offered by the cannabinoids THC and CBD.

THC cannabis capsules remain the most popular due to their potent psychoactive effects. These THC capsules allow the brain to release powerful levels of dopamine, which produce an immediate feeling of deep relaxation, followed by a euphoric head high. The relaxing effects of THC offer incredible medical benefits to sufferers of chronic pain, headaches, or migraines. From Ontario to Alberta and beyond, Canadians over 19 years of age are flocking to dispensaries to get this product and enjoy all of the effects of THC. It is now easier than ever for Canadians to have THC pills and capsules delivered straight to their doors with our fast shipping and excellent team of representatives.

Before using THC capsules for medical benefits or recreational use, it is important to research the potential side effects of THC. THC can at times cause paranoia, dizziness and slow digestion.





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