225mg THC Blazing Brownie


This amazing fudge pot brownie recipe makes the best pot brownies a stoner could ask for!

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Taste of BC has finally come out with more of their legendary cannabis edibles! This amazing fudge pot brownie recipe makes the best pot brownies a stoner could ask for! These delicious weed brownies contain 225mg of THC and 1.85mg of CBN in each brownie block, providing marijuana enthusiasts with a great cerebral and bodily experience, as well as a delicious dessert item. With classic brownie ingredients like all-purpose flour, baking powder, vanilla extract, cocoa powder and chocolate chips, the addition of canna butter adds the perfect amount of cannabinoids to this special brownie mix.
Cannabis brownies are a great way for stoners to enjoy a balanced THC CBD high with the relaxing and mood-boosting effects of indica and sativa all while satisfying the munchies with this cannabis edible. Upon experiencing the best weed brownie recipe on the market, it will be hard for users to resist reaching for another brownie after taking a few bites. Users should however, set aside these potent marijuana-brownies and allow enough time for the effects to set in before consuming a baking pan full of cannabis edibles, as tempting as it may be.
Many first-time users visit the dispensary strictly for medical-marijuana purposes, and these weed brownies can be a great option for those who are not interested in smoking marijuana, or those who wish to conceal the smell or appearance of cannabis while reaping the medicinal benefits of marijuana.
Instead of using regular butter or cooking oil in this brownie mix, our pot brownies are made with carefully sourced cannabis butter, that allows us to control the cannabinoid levels in each brownie for an even dose. For this reason, our cannabis edibles may be easier for users to portion according to their desired use, as opposed to homemade pot brownies, which vary in cook times, must be cooked on low heat, and will contain various levels of THC and CBD depending on cannabutter recipes.

Due to the delicate process of creating cannabis edibles, which contain the right level of cannabinoid potency, while maintaining a delicious chocolate taste, even the most experienced home chefs may have a difficult time producing the perfect weed brownies. Marijuana users can rely on our fudge brownies for the perfect cerebral and body high, suitable for various medical marijuana and recreational purposes, as well as a legendary taste that will leave you wanting more.


Canna Butter, large eggs, sugar, enriched wheat flour, cocoa powder, modified palm oil, corn syrup, salt, carob powder, natural and artificial flavours, modified milk ingredients, monoglycerides, poloysorbate 60, sodium sorbate, stearoyl-2-lactylate citric acid, sodium acid, pyrophosphate-sodium hydroxide


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