CBD Gummy Cubes 45x25mg (Dope Edibles)


45 CBD Gummy Cubes In Each Pack – 25mg of CBD In Each Cube

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Cannabis products can be yummy and take care of your munchies with various marijuana edibles available in dispensaries such as chocolate bars, gummy worms, brownies and watermelon candy. Dope Edibles CBD Gummy Cubes 45x25mg comes in a fancy can of  CBD Gummy Cubes 25mg per Bear, boasting a great taste and incredible customer ratings due to the delicious flavor as well as the high CBD content in these cannabis edibles.

This Dope Edibles cannabis edible is excellent for simplified dosing, and is highly recommended by Cannabis Medical staff for both recreational and medical patients.

Cannabis Medical Usages: viable option to treat ailments such as Insomnia, stress, pain, inflammation and depression.

Please keep away from children.


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