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If you have never tried weed edibles before, this cannabis goody box is the perfect way to test out generous samples of our best cannabis edibles.

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Subscription boxes and sampler packs are taking over the cannabis industry with so many new cannabis products coming out every month. Many cannabis connoisseurs however, often do not want to commit to a monthly or yearly goody box, but still wish to have a new and exciting cannabis experience. Weed edibles produce some of the most euphoric and relaxing experiences, along with medicinal properties, and now you can try a variety of top-shelf weed edibles with our ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ edibles box. If you have never tried weed edibles before, this cannabis goody box is the perfect way to test out generous samples of our best cannabis edibles in the comfort of home, before committing to a higher-priced, single product.

Cannabis edibles come in many different forms, and their specific cannabinoid makeup will have a major effect on your cannabis experience. Try all sorts of weed edibles with different levels of THC, CBD, indica, and sativa and find the perfect edible for you with our sampler box. From low sugar content edibles that cater to various health concerns, to rich chocolate brownies, our edibles box will make you want to throw away your rolling papers and hit the dispensary for some more yummy treats.
Whether you require vegan, gluten free, all-natural, or other specialty cannabis products, the ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ team of weed connoisseurs is happy to assist you in creating the perfect sampler box for your needs. We will also supply you with dosing recommendations, so that you are able to safely consume our treats, and enjoy their effects as intended.
The weed edible ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ sampler box gives weed lovers the chance to try some of our staff’s all-time favourite weed edibles as well as our most popular cannabis products. You will get to try some of our baked goodies such as our delicious pot brownies, as well as our potent weed gummies for those who are not big on chocolate. Our edibles box also boasts various sweeteners and syrups for you to add to your favourite beverages or desserts at home. However, the weed edibles in our sampler box do not stop there, we also supply customers with tinctures and other great cannabis products all in one affordable goody box.
With the ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix’ edibles box, you will receive a wide range of our most highly-rated products, for a great price. The retail value of all of these top-shelf products combined, is far higher than the price of our sampler box.
Price Points (Per Box):
BOX A: $100 ($112.50 value)
Assorted product box containing tea, beverages, sweeteners, edibles, gummies and more valuing $112.50!

*Allergy alert, please let us know if you are allergic to anything when ordering this sample box, as a few of our edible products contain nuts. During checkout you can mention it in the comments field. We are happy to accommodate your unique and specific needs.


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