THC Distillate (Next Level) 1gram


Our butane cannabis concentrate is great for vaping, smoking, consumption in the form of an edible, or topical application!

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THC distillates are becoming incredibly popular in dispensaries and among cannabis plant and vape enthusiasts across Canada. This THC distillate is great for those looking for cannabis products featuring THC in its purest form.

Our THC distillate is a cannabis extract made from butane, with a THC content of 93%, where other distillate oils such as RSO or CBD distillates may be made from BHO or CO2, resulting in a lower THC content. During the THC distillation process, boiling points are used for short path distillation, which removes unwanted components such as plant matter, which dissolve at lower temperatures for a solvent-free end product. During this extraction process, which is done with an evaporator, waxes, fats and oils are filtered out, producing a pure distillate with a clear appearance and thick consistency.

While cannabis plant enthusiasts looking for a high THC content often opt for tinctures, they are limited in consumption methods and can not be used in the variety of ways that our THC distillate can. Tinctures rely on decarboxylation of the cannabis plant to ensure active ingredients, and use alcohol in an extraction process, which separates terpenes and cannabinoids from the rest of the plant material resulting in an end product, which is generally only consumed as an edible.

Our butane cannabis concentrate is great for vaping, smoking, consumption in the form of an edible, or topical application! This is a thick cannabis oil, contained in a glass syringe for easy use unlike other distillate cartridges. Our cannabis distillate offers a THC-rich experience and medicinal benefits that hash oil, RSO and CBD distillates can not deliver.

Whether you plan on using our THC distillate in your vaporizer, rolling papers, or in another form, you can rely on our advanced molecular distillation process to produce a great product experience.

We suggest that users warm up the syringe before each use, as it contains an extremely thick liquid. Each syringe holds 1 gram of our THC distillate.

Next Level Labs is a premium manufacturer of quality cannabis concentrates and distillates.


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