THC Distillate Vape Atomizer (Next Level) 0.5g


this high quality, refillable atomizer will have you refilling your oil cartridge and puffing on your vape pen nonstop for the ultimate THC weed vape.

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With the increasing popularity of vaping, THC distillate vape atomizers have quickly become a must-have for vapers. Dispensaries are selling more and more of these distillate products along with some of the best vape pens on the market from vaporizer brands like kandypens and G pen. A THC distillate will take any vape pen to the next level as THC can be experienced with a staggering 93% potency. This product contrasts CBD distillates, which allow vapers to reap the benefits of CBD.

Waxes, fats and oils are filtered out so that your vape cartridge is filled with a high quality, THC-rich cannabis oil distillate. The THC distillate also features an addition of 10% terpenes and 10% MCT. If you own a rechargeable vaporizer and a charger for maintaining battery life, the only thing left to complete your weed vape starter kit is a THC distillate vape atomizer.

Temperature settings allow vapers to adjust the heating element, and properly distribute the e-liquid through their oil vape pens. Customer reviews report incredible ease of use with adjustable heat settings as well as impressive portability, as this high quality products can be used with portable vaporizers. Between dab pens, concentrate pens, and wax pens, the vaping options are endless, however this atomizer is not to be missed as it promotes a potent THC cannabis concentrate experience, that undistilled cannabis oil can not achieve.

Vapers are encouraged to refill their pen cartridges with a new flavour every time as Next Level offers a wide range of strains with a variety of tastes and aromas. Vaping enthusiasts will need a vaporizer with long-lasting battery life and a good charger, as this high quality, refillable atomizer will have you refilling your oil cartridge and puffing on your vape pen nonstop for the ultimate THC weed vape.

Next Level is a premium manufacturer of quality cannabis concentrates and distillates.


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